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Our first product available for sale.

Fully 3D printed and fully Functional.

Capable to withstand your outdoor adverture demands


Designed for Helicopter Underwater evactuation.

The base model is the model to have. It has the minimal amount of functionality.

Glasses for rapidly changing environments and conditions.


Created from a need to wear sunglasses when in the water, while also letting the wearer to get out of the water to run or ride a bike.


Frames are Designed For 3D Print Manfucaturing (DF3DM)

General purpose safety spectacles.


Please do not look at 3D printing as something that is not for functional parts.

SEALZ eyewear uses a process that ensures that we get a great layer bonding and surface finish. SEALZ eyewear post process give the frames a final surface finish that is ruggedised and unique. 


The glasses are fully upgradable and new parts are easily shipped.

Upgrade will be released as new models are made. 

Upgrades will include advanced ear stems and sports mode attachments.


"Eyewear can be made the old way or the new way."


3D print frames are as strong or maybe even stronger than regular spectacle frames.

The ability to print on demand is a benefit of this manufactuing technique.

For the perfect Fit, we can change the design to match the wearers features.


If you are interested in the Perfect fit, Go to the DF3DM page and see how SEALZ eyewear gets the best fit possible.

SEALZ adventurer

  • For better Pricing Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starts at 500 units.

    To acheive the best pricing MOQ of 3000 units is preferred

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