Click into action with Sealz

Sealz sunglasses introduce new patented military-based technology to the world of performance eyewear. With our rapid transition mechanism, you can click into action at the press of a button, as demonstrated in the video (right), as your sunglasses instantly transform into goggles - and back again.


To activate the mechanism, you simply hit the buttons built into the stems, which tightens the glasses around your head. This creates an effective yet comfortable seal around your eyes, providing full protection from the elements (sand, dust, wind, rain, snow). The seal is watertight, and so allows you to swim underwater if needed.


At any stage you can release the seal, by simply pulling the glasses forward - for instance if you want to allow some air in to reduce fogging up of the lenses.


This exciting Australian innovation is of particular interest to the outdoor sports market (check out the Sports tab for examples), but is also being looked at for its health & safety applications, and in the military, construction, energy and emergency services industries.

Inventor Lee Batey with an early prototype

Sealz is supporting the charity Soldier On, by donating 1% of all profits (as well as 1% of all crowd-funding revenue) to the charity.

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