Designed for 3D Print Manufacturing

​3D print manufacturing in action.

  • Fused Deposited Modelling (FDM) is referred to as 3D printing.

"Designed for 3D print manufacturing" (DF3DM) is similar to;

"Design for manufacturing" (DFM). referred to as Injection molding

  • MOQs allows for more options to obtain added advantages.

SEALZ eyewear is designed to take advantage of supply chain issues.

 Depending on the issue, we can still produce eyewear.

  • Production files are optimised for each new solution.

3D print manufacturing has many advantages;

  • SEALZ eyewear is able to make custom sets of eyewear;

  • SEALZ eyewear has developed a process of 3D print manufacture.

  • No expensive molds 

  • No long lead times

  • Small footprint

  • (SEALZ eyewear has been designed for both conventional injection molded production and  3D print production.)

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3D Scanning Services

Do you want Bespoke products?

Alongside to 3D print Manufacture, SEALZ eyewear incorporates 3D scan data into the CAD process.
This allows SEALZ eyewear to offer Bespoke products, tailored to the Customers' requirements.

Head scan website 5.jpg
Head scan website 2.jpg
Head scan website 8.jpg

Photo capture

A series of over lapping photos creates enough data to extract a point cloud. 
This can be very handy when all you need is a Phone camera and you can extract a scan.

Point cloud creation

Once all the photos are all aligned, a workflow is done and a point cloud is created. From here we can either use this data as is with CAD software or we can Mesh and build a Orthomosaic image to render the Mesh

CAD visualisation

After the CAD creation we are able to perform a lot of different visualisation and simulation on the parts and scans.