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When you need the right safety eyewear


Defence force members

Sealz convertible sunglasses for sports

As the Base product was developed for the Warfighter, the benefits for having Multi-Role Glasses give the Warfighter the advantage in terms of eye protection.
Most Warfighters will be required to carry multiple types of eye protection.
SEALZ eyewear is a mutli-role eyewear that combines several types of eyewear into one piece of kit.

Offshore Oil and Gas


Mining Offshore Oil and Gas require eye protection at all times. travelling from and to offshore Oil Rigs and be hazardous by itself. SEALZ Eyewear are primarily designed for Helicopter Underwater Emergency Evacuation.
In an event that a helicopter ditches in the Ocean, with a press of the buttons SEALZ Safety eyewear can convert instantly into SEALZ Safety Goggles

Sealz black Model E

Safety Spectacles

Prescription Safety Eywear

Prescription safety eyewear is essential for those who wear glasses due to long or shortsightedness.
SEALZ Fashion Safety eyewear will look good in the office and perform great on the construction site.
Designed in mind for those who work in the office and occasionally are required to go out to the construction site.

SEALZ Snapin ear stem 4 with head model 12
Table product one

DF3DM - Designed for 3D print manufacturing

SEALZ Eyewear are 3D print manufactured.

3D print technology has come a long way in the past 15 years since SEALZ eyewear had the first prototype made.
Advanced Manufacturing techniques are now essential to all industries and will become a mainstream way a consumer goes to purchase a product.

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